Saturday, February 3, 2007

High geek-out factor!!

IMDb is the biggest movie site out there, and guess what!!?!? I am on IMDb! Yeah, so I submitted myself and it really doesn't mean a lot; but who cares, its cool and I am totally geeking out! *sigh* :) Our short film, How to be a Girl is playing this month at the All-American Film Festival!

Thursday, February 1, 2007


ORM or Object Relational Mapping is a great idea! When it is implemented great, there is nothing that can go wrong. Maybe I'm lazy, but all the ORM implementations for .net are too complicated. I guess for my purposes as a CAD developer, my databases are quite simple and a much simpler version would work for me. All the ones out there just stress me out and I lean more towards writing my own, simpler, leaner version of an ORM generator. Then again, maybe I am just really lazy today and am not seeing things as simply as they are. I have read of a lot of people rolling their own implementation... hmmm...


This week has been a strange week! For the first time since living at home, I have pets living in the house. Through the Triangle Beagle Rescue, we found Max, an awesome little beagle. Max still has enough puppy in him to drive us crazy, but still relaxes and lets us rub his belly. To make things even better, Max started his own blog! A dog writing a blog? Yeah, he chronicles his days moving into his forever home!

The day after Max arrived, we left to get Cinnamon, our new bengal cat! She is sooo soft and purrs (and eats and poops) continuosly! She will likely be starting her own blog soon!

Boston.... sigh

This whole thing in Boston is ridiculous! Who sees a cartoon-y lite-brite-y image with a middle finger and thinks its a bomb? I mean, HELLO, what is wrong with these people? The person who panicked and called the police is the one who should go to jail here! Well at least the two arrested for placing said advertisements are pleading not guilty! They even seem to have a sense of humor stating they would only answer questions about hair.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thursday, January 25, 2007

TV Night - 1/25/2007

Back again with another edition of the widely never read edition of tv night. Thursday is the most crazy night too! Here we go:

Smallville: Clark wakes up in a mental asylum after being attacked; a fellow patient (Phil Morris) tells Clark that their doctor is a phantom who must be killed t...

The Office: After Jan busts Michael for declaring it's "movie Monday," where everyone watches a movie instead of working, an upset Angela pushes Dwight is into ma…

Ok, ok, for my wife:

Grey's Anatomy: Bailey proposes the creation of a free clinic; a Seattle Grace doctor receives a proposal...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ASP.NET vs. Ruby on Rails

I don't really know ruby as well as I'd like to, but the parts I know I really love. Actually, if I had the time, I'd be drooling over it on a daily basis. One of the biggest things that make me drool are under the "Get Excited" section of the Ruby on Rails site.

Tonight, while installing all my standard development software, I came across a video showing someone develop a to-do list based on ASP.NET and AJAX. It was cool and all, but after about 10 minutes, I realized, this video is similar to a 15 minute video showing the Ruby implementation of a weblog website. I hoped the ASP.NET version would be as cool, but after about 20minutes, I was left a bit bored. The Ruby version seemed quicker, more fun, and more.... well, more.

See for yourself:

Creating a weblog in 15 minutes

Scott's To-do list

Now, I'll probably end up staying in .NET world, for work reasons. I just find it odd that Ruby's example seemed so much more exciting.